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What our Guests are Saying

"I knew it was going to be good - I didn't know it was going to be THIS good!" - Barbara B.

"What a wonderful gathering. Thank you...for allowing the blessing of congregating in a space where music is nurtured and shared...Music is the universal language that unites us all and I am very much appreciative of your providing the community with a source of light, peace and joy that is much needed. "- Ricardo G.

"That was the best concert I've been to in a long time!" - John B.

"Thanks for the LOVELY musical experience!" - Jody H.

"...thank you for your hospitality...and a truly remarkable set of performances. I smiled to think that an intimate performance, in a home surrounded by appreciative friends, would have been a setting that Schubert would have felt very comfortable in. Perhaps his spirit was there in more ways than one!" - Bill G.


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