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Friends of Indie Musikhaus

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Ann began studying piano as a young girl.  She begged her teacher to let her play the organ but had to wait until her feet reached the pedals.  Organ was the instrument she loved most.  She was accepted to the Oberlin College Conservatory only 11 miles from home but did not go.  Instead she boarded a train to cross the country to attend Reed College sight-unseen.

Her journey back to music began when she joined Skagit Valley Chorale to sing Mozart’s Requiem in 2008.  After retiring in 2012, she was accepted to sing with Ave Renaissance Women’s Choir, Kirkland Choral Society and, in 2017, with Kirkland Chamber Singers.  She started studying voice, attended the Tallis Scholars Summer School in Seattle, and currently studies with Charles Stephens. 

It wasn’t until she retired that she began to study the piano in earnest.  With her teacher Lou Bush, she attended her first of 3 Sonata Piano Camps in Vermont.  In 2014 she began studying with her current teacher Kathryn Heafield.   Upon discovering her aunt’s signed copy of Debussy’s Petite Suite, she knew she had to find a duet partner.  She is very pleased that Paul Smetko now plays duets with her.

Ann Osterberg, Piano: Meet the Team
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